Soy Getting Tastier

July 11, 2014


What we put in our body has an enormous impact on it, be it good or bad. This is why we have to be very careful with what we consume. Food products can either make us healthy and happy or sick and miserable, if not now, then later, but as well as the potential impact of food and drink on our bodies we shouldn’t forget the taste.

We all know that we shouldn’t be indulging in too many sugary drinks, but many of use can’t resist their taste and sweetness. Other drinks, such as soya milk, have been around for a while, but few have ever really caught on and part of this must be put down to the taste and texture in the past.


Alpro soya products have helped make these drinks more mainstream

Image attributed to Wikimedia Commons: Scott Bauer

It has been suggested in various studies that soya extracts may provide a wide array of benefits for people over the age of 50 and recently the value of soya in the Western diet has been given more attention.


The benefits of soya

Soya drinks such as those from Alpro have numerous benefits.  They can offer a good source of high-quality protein, especially for those looking to avoid meat and milk proteins, although for some soya can be an allergen or cause an intolerance and some brands of soy drink can contain dairy ingredients – so always read the label.

Some brands of soya drink, although always check the label, are rich in anti-oxidants and isoflavones, offer a source of fibre, and contain omegas 3 and 6 and certain vitamins.

Alpro’s history

Alpro is a company with a long history. The company started out as a little seed of an idea which was planted in 1934. The idea for the company focused on soya which was and still is highly valued in Asia. In 1980, the company started to be known as Alpro, and it remained dedicated to spreading the good word about soya.

The company has grown by leaps and bounds and is now one of the leading providers of soya products in Europe. The company has numerous state-of-the-art factories in France, the UK, Netherlands, and Belgium. With strict ethical standards upheld by all personnel, the company prides itself in serving nothing but the best to their loyal patrons.

Now though a new company has reached our shores from Spain, looking to change the way we perceive soy drinks and put them on the map for their taste. Look out for their new flavours hitting the shop shelves.

Plant power for a good taste

As experts call for a tax on fizzy drinks it may be that the market for soya drinks becomes more exciting and the new Spanish brand helps compete with Alpro to drive the market forward.

Alpro can be easily found on supermarket shelves and the company has a great relationship with its customers, but it’s time for a shake up so we can all appreciate the power of plants.

With new tastes and textures, customers should have a more choices and better options when it comes to trying to avoid fizzy drinks.

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