Smart Liposuction – The Latest Tool in Body Reshaping

October 25, 2015


Sit back for a minute and picture yourself taking a single pill that instantly burns away all your fat, leaving you with the perfect body. Of course, this pill would also instantly remove any excess skin you have after weight loss. This dream is something that many people have and scientists are working their hardest to turn it into a reality. They haven’t been able to achieve this yet, unfortunately, but they have achieved many great things. In order to lose weight and keep the weight off, it is important to be committed to a healthy diet and exercise program. That is only natural. But it doesn’t mean science can’t give nature a helping hand!

There is a process that is quite rapid, although not entirely painless, that allows the fat cells to break up, thereby creating a slimmer body. Once broken off, the fat is literally sucked out of the body, leaving a slim person in its wake. This process is known as the liposuction. While a popular procedure, it also has a number of unwanted side effects. As a result, scientists have done a lot to improve on it.

If you would rather not have surgery at all, you now have quite a few other options available as well. Recountouring through ultrasound techniques is one such option. This procedure can be completed with some local anesthetic, right in your doctor’s office. It may sound too good to be true, but that is basically what science has been able to do for us.

Vaser LipoSelection – Traditional Lipsuction

One option is Vaser LipoSelection. This requires you to be sedated, either intravenously, locally or generally. A small incision is made in the area you want to contour, which is then injected with epinephrine, which helps to stop the bleeding. An ultrasonic probe is then inserted, breaking up fatty tissue by releasing ultrasonic waves. This is perfect for parts of the body like the ‘love handles’, hops, knees, back, arms and abdomen and will leave other tissue intact. Once it is all broken up, suction will remove all the emulsified fat, leaving a slimmer body.

LipoSonix and UltraShape – Modern Liposuction

These two types of liposuction are completely new and innovative. They are revolutionary because of the fact that they use ultrasound outside, rather than inside, the body. This means there is no need for an incision to be made. The patient lies down on the bed and a technician uses ultrasound to the appointed areas. Fat cell membranes are disrupted and ruptured. The body then automatically transports this to the liver and the liver removes it from the body.

But it gets even more revolutionary than that! The smart liposuction procedure, or SmartLipo, uses a laser to remove fat. This means it is even less invasive than the other two techniques. Less invasive means less side effects and a shorter recovery time. SmartLipo has been used in Europe for many years. However, the first brand in America, Cynosure, Inc., was not accepted until 2006.

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