Safety Tips When Buying Drugs From Online Pharmacies

August 22, 2013


medicineWith the growing trend of internet marketing, people have found a new way of saving more while at the same time accessing great services from different vendors. It is amazing that one can also buy their prescriptions online thus, saving a great deal but this approach should be considered very carefully. Normally, there are countries which are known for their inexpensive drugs that meet all the legal and medical requirements.

Some of them like Canada and India have a lot to offer but only when one understands what it is they are looking for. Although the process of shipping might take a little bit longer than over the counter transactions, buying online is advantageous due to the fair prices and luxury of choice. Below is a guide on how to approach your online drug purchase for your personal safety and health:

Only buy drugs after a thorough diagnosis by your doctor

One of the greatest dangers when it comes to the online drug purchases is that there are no limitations on how one can access the available drugs. This approach is open to abuse and people can easy try to treat themselves. However, before seeking to purchase any drug online, seek to have your doctor examine your condition and only after being given a prescription should you go ahead to make your purchase. A prescription will help take a few factors into consideration including any reactions that you might have with some drugs or any other health condition that should be factored in prior to the consumption of the drugs.

Be sure that the online dealer will protect your personal info

Every online buyer needs an assurance that his or her personal information will be protected. It is therefore important to consider the level of privacy afforded to your information by the website offering the drugs otherwise your information could be open to abuse.

Ensure that the drugs are not counterfeit

Although buying drugs online can be advantageous, it is easy to fall prey for the counterfeit drugs and this is something you should avoid. Some of the medicines sold online could be either too weak or too strong and you must know the ingredients or drug composition if the drug will help effectively. Also, make sure that the ingredients used are approved and suitable for your health. Some organizations such as FDA normally approve of some drugs while disapproving of others and this is something you should take into consideration.

Make sure that the storage, labeling and shipping procedures are correct

Many drugs dealers normally fail the test of storage, labeling and shipping procedures and this is something you should seek for a guarantee. The storage, labeling and shipping methods can have a huge impact on the suitability of the drugs and therefore you should seek the assurance of the online drug store before making the purchase. Poorly handled or shipped drugs could come with very negative health complications.

Only buy your drugs from state-licensed pharmacy sites

This helps ensure that the drugs bought are regulated by the government’s board of pharmacy and therefore safe for your use. Local pharmacy boards normally list their licensed pharmacies and you should be able to access such a list in order to be assured of your safety. You should avoid giving out your personal details at all cost including the social security number, health history and credit card details among others

This guest post is contributed by Julie Roy, who is a freelance writer now writing for which is an  online pharmacy without a prescription

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