Reasons Why You’re Not Enjoying Quality Time With Your Partner

March 9, 2016


As relationships with our partners develop, things will inevitably change between us. We can become more comfortable with each other, and more relaxed about things. Over time, the love between us becomes less about passion and more about nurturing and caring. Time will always change the dynamic of a relationship. After all, it changes us as individuals too. But one part of long-term relationships that can lead to disappointment is the quality time spent in the bedroom. Here’s why:

Too Tired

One or both of you will be tired out by bedtime. Tough jobs and career progressions can do that! Of course, if you have started a family together, exhaustion is part of the parental role. Homeowners can become more tired than renters because there is always work to be done around the house. And lots of us have extra interests and activities that keep us busy for the evenings too. Take a night off!


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Not In The Mood

There are many reasons why you may not be in the mood. Hormone changes and deficiencies are one of the biggest reasons. Stress is also a cause. Women often find their cycle affects their willingness to have sex. And guys can suffer from ‘shyness’ downstairs. Fortunately, there is an erectile dysfunction treatment for every cause. If this is what’s causing the pair of you not to be up for it, have a chat with your doctor.


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No Time

Busy lives mean we are spending less and less time in bed. That means we’re also getting less sleep. But sex doesn’t have to be restricted to bedtime. You can enjoy quality time with your partner first thing in the morning, or even meet up for lunch! If the kids have after school activities, why not dive under the covers for an hour in the afternoon? A good relationship relies on both partners prioritizing time with each other regularly. If you get really stuck, then it might be time to find a good babysitter.


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Let’s face it, doing the same things over and again for years is boring. It can become so routine, like brushing your teeth, that you’d rather not bother. Sex with the same partner in the same way over the years can be boring. So why not mix things up a little? You can surprise each other, or try new positions. Why not book a hotel room so you can enjoy a little quality time in a different environment? Even the things we really like can become a little dull and mundane after a few years!


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Drifting Apart

Some relationships drift apart. Others can feel like the closeness has been lost. Physical intimacy can help you feel close emotionally and mentally. Even if you’re feeling shy about your body, your partner may think it’s highly desirable. Chances are he’s worried about the effects of time on his body too. Don’t worry about looks. Start a conversation. Talk about what you love about him. And move closer.

Love is a curious thing. Sometimes it can’t be helped. Other times, it needs a lot of help! Quality time with your partner can offer you both plenty of love in lots of ways. Enjoy.


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