Proper Nutrition Trumps Crash Starvation Diets Anytime

January 6, 2016


You know you’ve seen it because it’s EVERYWHERE. The media bombards you with it every time you turn on the computer, flip on the television, or listen to a radio show. The in your face tactics for CRASH DIETS are targeting your weakness for a quick fix to results.

These diets always make fun, appealing promises that you will lose tons of weight in a short period of time, with minimal effort. All you’ve got to do is eat this and avoid that, pop this pill, or slap on the ab belt and the pounds will melt right off.

If you’ve experienced the Crash Diet Roller Coaster then most likely you know why these sound too good to be true. If you want to ruin your metabolism, continue on the diet roller coaster and even be exposed to dangerous side effects then you are free to try them. If you are looking for a long term solution that lasts then let’s ignore the media hype and let’s LOCK DOWN the Real TRUTH to optimal results. Did you know that you could actually get even quicker results in a fun and easy way with proper nutrition and exercise? Why is this? The results actually last.

Crash Diets Lead to Nutritional Deficiency, Disease Creation & a Dysfunctional Metabolism

Crash diets come in many shapes and sizes, yet they all have one thing in common. They cause nutritional deficiencies that lead to body dysfunction. The question you get to ask yourself then is this. Do you want to be sick, unhealthy and skinny fat or is your goal to look and feel Awesome?

When you work with your body by giving it what it wants with proper nutrition and exercise, then you can actually turn on your fat burning switch to become the Fat Burning Machine your body is naturally designed to be. The end result is that you are easily getting healthier every day as you shed weight.

Crash Diets are Impossible to Maintain

When you go down this crash course of crash diets, what you can plan on is crashing. That is why they are called crash diets and are designed to not be sustainable for very long. If you like feeling anxious, shaky, brain fogged, tired, cranky and feeling completely in-competent as a lifestyle then yes, they are a great fit. The Restrictive diet only causes your body to go into starvation mode, completely messes up your metabolism and only keeps you in the game of weight loss vs. weight maintenance.

For instance, if you lose weight on a diet of 1200 calories, you will start regaining weight as soon as you take in 1300 calories. Your slower metabolism will signal your body that you need to save energy (in the form of stored fat) for future times of hardship – or the next restrictive diet. Then, the next time you try a crash diet, the weight will be even harder to lose.

The simple truth to remember is this…. “If you can’t do it for life, then don’t do it.” The best way to get and sustain results is to work with your body to give it all of the nutrients you need, allowing your metabolism to Rock and keep the weight off for Life.

On a Crash Diet, You’ll never solve the problem of your weight

When you go on a fad diet, you don’t learn how to eat properly. This only keeps setting you up for a lifetime of dieting failure. Without proper nutrition habits in place, it is nearly impossible to get to the root of any weight problem.

Learning to Eat to be a Fat Burning Machine for Life and Health allows your body to start craving the proper nutrients and foods that makes feeding your body to live in a Rockin’ Body of Health for Life EASY.

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