Make CBD Part of Your Routine

October 30, 2019

CBD is one of the hottest new trends in the wellness world, and though studies of its medical efficacy are in the early stages, the indications are that there is some real basis for its reputation. The study that really opened the door to allow CBD onto the high street and into the medical establishment was WHO’s report which found no evidence that CBD could form addictive pathways in the brain.

While there are no decisive studies into the use or effectiveness of CBD products, initial reports and anecdotal evidence indicates that it can helpful for managing chronic pain, dealing with low mood, depression and anxiety and helping to promote deep, healthy sleep if you suffer from insomnia.

One of the main advantages of CBD – other than its lack of addiction and side effects – is that it’s available in several different forms, allowing to you to adapt it to your lifestyle and find the right way to take the right dosage for you.


CBD tea bags (and coffee) can be a good way to ensure you get a regular dose of the compound if you’re trying to use it to manage a chronic condition. Other methods give the compound a greater bio-availability, which is to say it lets absorb more of it faster.

If you regularly have a hot drink at intervals throughout the day, replacing one of more with a CBD tea bag can get you a dose as part of your regular routine.


Similar to tea bags, there are a range of CBD edibles that can seamlessly take the place of snacks and sweets you might ordinarily consume throughout the day. The most common form that edible CBD products take are gummies – jelly sweets infused with the compound, though chocolates are also available.

The advantage here is that the gummies can disguise the characteristic taste of CBD – which not everyone adores – and you can also easily give yourself a custom dose by changing the amount you eat.


The most common way of taking CBD is in the form of a tincture made from oil infused with the compound. You can add the tincture to hot drinks to make your own CBD tea (though make sure you add milk as the chemical isn’t very soluble in water. Adding a fat helps you absorb more) or drop it under your tongue, which is known as taking it ‘sublingually’.

You can also get capsules containing a dose of CBD oil. These are the most ‘medicine-like’ of the ways you can take CBD, and are best if you are trying to manage an acute condition, rather than an ongoing, chronic one. Incorporating these into your lifestyle requires real planning, rather than the seamless substitution you might be looking for.

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