How to Improve Your Health Now

December 1, 2017

When it comes to our health and fitness, there are a number of obstacles in our path to a perfect body, but that’s okay, because perfect is a pipe dream anyway. That being said, we should still strive for good health, because the alternative is a shorter life span and a lower quality of life, and we owe ourselves a healthy and happy life. However, most of today’s threats to our health our seemingly innocuous, and that can make fighting them hard to do. Processed foods and excessive sitting are the major culprits here, public enemies number one and two. These products of the age of convenience and luxury make it difficult to stay fit and healthy, because they don’t seem to be doing any harm on the surface, but they’re also hard to avoid vices. Here are some tips to help you get your body into its prime.

First and foremost, let’s talk about getting your locomoting, also known as moving around. We sit a lot as a society. We sit at work, we sit on the drive to and from work, and we sit before and after work, and all of that sitting is doing some nasty things to our bodies. It’s weakening core muscles that can lead to chronic back pain, depression, hernias, and more. Therefore, what we need is simply to get up and move around more often. Try going for a walk once a day, and shoot to slowly work up to a mile a day. Then, get into some Under Armour and get ready to sweat it out, because then it’s time to start jogging. Again, you want to try to gradually try to build up to being able to tackle a mile a day.

Then, we need to talk about diet. Processed foods have become ubiquitous due to their affordable and convenient nature, but they’re crammed full of additives that rob them of nutritional value and make them addictive. Therefore, you’re going to want to replace them with home cooked meals made with fresh ingredients. You’ll spend more time in the kitchen and pay more money, but you’ll have more energy, lose some extra weight, and generally feel better.

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