Detoxing Through Massage

October 24, 2014


There is something so relaxing about a massage. It seems as though you get one and all your aches, pains and worries seem to just melt away. That’s because they do. A massage is actually a natural detox.Amazing right? Here’s how it works. As you go throughout your day, your body experiences physical, mental, and emotional pressures. These pressures can mess up your musculoskeletal balance. From walking to sitting at the desk all day, your body undergoes different strains that set it out of balance. Emotional strains come in the shape of irritation, anger, sadness, and even stress while mental strains come from rumination, difficult problems (whether they are math equations or life riddles), and even physical or emotional strains.


Signs that you need a natural detox: 

    • High stress levels
    • Aches and Pains
    • Poor digestion
    • Fatigue

Though each of these strains is different, they have similar symptoms. Each releases chemicals into your body and while these chemicals are good for the body in small portions, too much of them can be toxic. So, too much strain can actually be toxic to your body, literally. This is where a massage works to naturally detox your body. Relaxing your muscles releases the toxins held captive by tense muscles. A massage gives you the benefits of a natural detox by allowing your body to release the toxins on its own. Basically, the massage stimulates the body’s natural cleansing systems.

Massages can come in many different forms. Hand massages and foot massages are growing really popular. The hands and feet have pressure points that stimulate different organs and muscles. Amazingly, a proper foot massage can push your kidneys and liver to proper function levels, a natural detox if there ever was one. Unfortunately, massages can be expensive, but since detoxing is an at the user’s discretion type system, you can only do it once a year if you desire. No need to drop several hundred a month on a massage if you do not have the funds. In fact, if you would like to try the massage method, but without hurting your wallet, opt for a foot massage. Establishments tend to offer a foot massage for around $20. Not to bad for an effective natural detox.

You can also Google it. Okay, not the most original advice, but there are numerous sites and diagrams that tell you how to massage your feet with specific healing results in mind. These may be valuable resources if you are unable to get a professional massage. Either way, naturally detoxing your body with a massage will bring numerous rewards. From relieved tension to better digestion, the rewards are invaluable.

Results of an Effective Detox:

    • Renewed energy
    • Better digestion
    • No aches and Pains
    • A feeling of relaxation or calm

A massage is a great way to naturally detox your body. Even if you don’t experience an amazing transformation (which would be a huge shock), you at least get some relaxation time to unwind a little.

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