Unsightly moles and skin tags are a problem for a lot of different people. Having them on areas like the face and hands where other people can easily see, can become quite an embarrassment. As you might already know, doctors have developed different methods for removal over time, including freezing and laser treatment. Surgically cutting it off is the most common treatment for removing moles and skin tags. All the methods mentioned may cause discomfort to the patient and may also result to scarring. Also, going to the doctor for these types of treatments is often considerably expensive and so is not a practical option for a lot of patients.

If you are one of these people conflicted with such circumstances, you’re in for some luck!

Researchers from Solace International have developed an affordable, non-invasive quick fix devoid of any surgical treatment. You just have to dab it on, scratch the area a bit and *poof!* it’s gone!


What is DermaTend?

According to TheBeautyReviewer.com, DermaTend is a topical paste/cream made from natural ingredients aimed at removing moles, but may also be used to remove skin tags and warts. There are three variations of the DermaTend formula which are: original, extra strength and two extra strength. The latter two come with a free DermaTend healing balm, which is said to help the skin heal.

Researchers have concocted this recipe with the ingredients Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis), distilled water, vegetable glycerin and butter of zinc. The pivotal ingredient of which is Bloodroot, a herbaceous perennial botanical species native to eastern North America. It is considered to have medicinal properties including antibacterial agents. Different scientific journals and articles have investigated the medicinal properties of Bloodroot and have proved it to be highly effective. Incorporating herbs and medicine is another genius move!!


It’s never enough to say a product is effective without any proof, is it? Well don’t fret because there have already been so many people stepping forward and sharing their stories of successful mole removals. Effie, who had a mole on her neck, could never tie her hair up in a pony because of the fear that people would be distracted by her mole. After a couple of applications of DermaTend, the mole disappeared and she can finally confidently tie up her hair. She describes it as life changing! Another testimony comes from Raymond S., who suffered having moles on his face for forty years. He said that people would stare at him because of the peculiar moles on his face. After trying DermaTend, he can now walk around in public without people staring at him. He reassures everyone wanting to try DermaTend but is quite hesitant, saying, ” I would be pleased to reassure them that it does work, and it is a gift for people who suffer from moles.”

The company is so convinced by the efficacy of the product they even offer a sixty day money back guarantee upon purchasing. It definitely is a win win situation for every one who wants those unsightly moles and skin tags out of their lives!

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