Are You a Victim of a Personal Injury?

June 16, 2013


personal injury

If you have ever been the victim of a personal injury then you know not only the physical pains of being injured, but the emotional and financial scars that are left behind. If you or someone you know are ever victims of an injury at the fault of another it is critical to seek legal advise. Sometimes people are timid about hiring a lawyer and will just settle out of court on their own, but it has been proven that people who hire attorneys are awarded a lot more money.

Here are some success stories of personal injuries that were fought for by experienced personal injury attorneys.

Frank San Jose CA:

Frank was hurt near a construction site when a small piece of pipe fell off of the scaffolding while he walked under the makeshift awning as he was walking downtown from dinner to a nearby comedy club. The pipe landed vertically on his head and he was driven by the EMT’s to the hospital where he was treated for lesions and abrasions to the skull. He received 12 stitches and suffered from painful headaches for months. He had to miss a total of 10 days of work immediately after and when the pain was too much. Luckily, Frank’s brother-in-law was an attorney and represented him against the construction company. His neurologist said his frequent  headaches should subside with time, but may come from time to time so he received  from his settlement $865,000 for his injuries and for pain and suffering.

Sylvia, Kansas City MO:

Sylvia was hit by a drunk driver on her way home from taking her daughter to her first dance. Thankfully Sylvia’s other two children were not in the vehicle with her at the time because her car was totaled and she sustained many internal injuries as well as a fractures leg and other minor bumps and bruises. She spent two weeks recovering in the hospital. On top of the medical bills, the family also had to pay babysitters while their mother recovered in the hospital and for a few weeks at home. Slyvia still has some minor side effects from the crash. Since the drunk driver had prior DUI’s, Sylvia’s lawyer went all the way through with the trial and got $1.2 million on her case.

Tommy, Norfolk VA:

Tommy is a ten year old boy who was hit while riding his bike by a speeding and distracted driver right in his neighborhood. Although he healed rather quickly from a broken arm and minor injuries, he said the worst part was missing his little league championship. His parents sued the driver for his medical bills and pain and suffering, but also went after the city, because the whole neighborhood had written many letters and signed multiple petitions for the city to put a light on the nearby stop sign because it was very hard for drivers to see and children frequented the area. Although all the city did was send a letter or sympathy, the family received enough from the insurance company to pay Tommy’s medical bill and start a college fund. Within a few months, however, the city did approve and put up a stoplight at that very corner. When asked if they think the city should have paid them some money, the family said their man concern and purpose of suing the city was to get the light installed so no other family would have to go through what they did.

So don’t hesitate . If you have been injured, call an lawyer today!

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