A Few Ways Maltodextrin Can Cut Sugar and Fat From Your Diet

February 27, 2015


Maltodextrin is a white powdery substance that is commonly found in food products. It has many different qualities that make it very unique. Additionally, research is being done to fully explore the different uses it could potentially have. It has applications in manufactured foods as well as in the kitchen, and it is often included in the process of creating sweet or alcoholic beverages, dressings, candies, and even body building supplements.


As a Household Ingredient


So what does this mean for you? One of the most common applications this powder has, especially around the home, is as an artificial sweetener. It is naturally tasteless, but it is a saccharide, which means it is similar, chemically, to sugar. It acts as a binding agent that gives the sweetener a sugar-like quality. The important aspect is that it is healthier than sugar because it has significantly fewer calories. You can incorporate it simply by using it to sweeten tea, coffee, smoothies, or anything else that needs a little sugar. Maltodextrin is somewhat hard to come however, and typically only available in bulk quantities so stock up while you can.


As a Way to Maintain Viscosity


If you are a more advanced baker, you also might consider incorporating this substance to control the thickness of your food and to replace other fats. Using it in its natural form does not affect the flavor of whatever it is used in, but it does increase its viscosity. This is most appealing because it is a healthy alternative to the ingredients that are traditionally used to give food bulk. For instance, it can be used in the place of corn syrup. If you are doing some more involved baking, your confectionary filling, pudding, or even homemade candies could benefit from it.


Scientific Properties


This substance is very appealing in both personal and manufacturing environments. First of all, it is healthy and light. It is low carb and fat-free. It can be used to replace fats in confections. It is also naturally sugar-free and has no gluten, which makes it perfect for special diets. In addition it is as easy to digest as glucose. This is the reason body builders find it so useful. As opposed to other bases for their workout supplements, it does not weigh them down and still provides enough energy to employ protein synthesis after they finish exercising.


All in all, it is very useful. Food manufactures have been taking advantage of it for years, but it is starting to become very popular in the home kitchen. You could implement it simply by substituting it as a sweetener, or incorporate it in more advanced ways to cut the fat content and make fillings or puddings healthier.


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