3 Tips to Help You Look Younger

June 30, 2018

For many people, enjoying a healthier lifestyle isn’t the only motivation behind weight loss—they also want to look better. While recapturing a youthful glow isn’t always easy, there are plenty of strategies you can use to fight aging so you can look your best. Here are some simple methods you can start today!

1.   Skin Care

Caring for your skin is essential if you want to look younger. For many, the most efficient anti-aging treatment is to use moisturizing creams and lotions each day. Such skin care products—particularly those which contain retinol—can fight wrinkles and alleviate dry skin, helping your body retain moisture for a more youthful look.

Protecting yourself from the sun is also an essential part of skin care. Many dermatologists recommend that you use a moisturizer with a minimum SPF of 15 to prevent the sun’s rays from causing premature aging—even during the winter.

2. Youthful Foods

Many healthy foods won’t just impact your physical well-being—they can also help you maintain a youthful appearance. Grapes, pears, and berries contain sorbitol, which helps the skin retain moisture. Eating salmon twice a week can improve your muscle tone for a more physically fit look. Tomatoes can actually provide extra protection against UV rays due to their lycopene content!

Unsurprisingly, a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables and low in highly processed foods is your best bet for looking and feeling young for years to come.

3. Do Yoga

With its focus on mindfulness and conscious breathing, yoga gives your body a workout both inside and out. Practicing yoga poses improves posture and flexibility, which will help you look younger. Yoga poses can even boost your immune system by oxygenating your cells to eliminate toxins.

Better yet, yoga has been found to reduce stress and improve your mood, which as a result lessens the aging effects associated with a negative mental state. Other forms of exercise can also help you maintain a youthful appearance by improving bone health and muscle strength. Exercise can even reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s.

A Younger You

We can’t look young forever—after all, aging is an inevitable part of life. But by taking steps to protect your skin and develop a healthier, more active lifestyle, you can greatly reduce the effects of aging. When you look younger and feel better in your own body, you’ll be able to get that much more enjoyment out of your daily activities. Start making healthy changes today, and you’ll enjoy an even better tomorrow!

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