Ways to Save on Expenses as a Nurse

October 27, 2014

When you are looking at becoming a nurse (or if you are currently a nurse or in nursing school) you probably have found that it is far more expensive than you ever really thought possible. Between the equipment you need to have on hand to just obtaining necessary clothing for your shifts, there is a good deal of money you need to put into your career. This money adds up quickly, so when on a fixed budget it is important to find different ways to save money, regardless of the point in your career you are in. Thankfully, there are some great options available for you, so you don’t have to spend your entire paycheck trying to pay down the expensive equipment and material a nurse is required to have around at all times.

Text Books 

For starters, if you are still in college and are studying up for your exams it is important to have your nursing text books. However, these nursing text books are incredibly expensive, and you are probably going to end up paying hundreds of dollars every class just for your books. Because of this you need to search out a different method to buy these books. To begin with, never buy the books from your college book store. These books are well overpriced as the book store knows you have to come and by the books. Instead, check out online book stores or consider renting the books. The only problem with renting the books is you won’t have them on hand once you have your job. Another option for you is to obtain a digital copy of the book and install it onto a tablet computer. These are less expensive and you can keep the product on your computer for as long as you desire.



Your scrubs are also going to add up quickly, as you can’t really get by with just one pair. Instead of plunking down a considerable amount of money on your uniform at the local store you need to check out websites such as Happy Scrubs or Uniforms Advantage. These websites sell a variety of scrub options and all are going to be less than what you would traditionally pay at your local store. You’ll be sure to find cheap scrub tops and bottoms at these sites.


Your nursing clinical supplies are where the greatest expense builds up. These are very expensive, especially for the best equipment(stethoscope, pen light and blood pressure cuff, for example). You have a few alternatives to buying the equipment from your local college book store or medical equipment provider. First, you can buy used, if you don’t mind, and simply purchase new ear pads or other material that actually comes in contact with your body. This way it is still clean, nobody has used the material you are physically touching, and it is far less money to obtain. Websites such as eBay and Craigslist offer excellent options for buying this kind of material. Outside of this, you can check out Amazon and All Heart for places to save money on your medical equipment. These products are generally discounted and don’t cost as much as what you’d pay for a local service.

Another way to save money is to avoid the hospital cafeteria. Although this is convenient it is also going to add up to additional expenses on a weekly basis. Instead, you need to simply bring your own lunch. This is going to save you a small amount of money every day of the year, which is great for when times get tough or you just want to watch your expenses drop.

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