Relief from back pain with electric back massagers

September 24, 2013


Back pain can be really difficult to treat and the cause is often hard to establish. You may be suffering from a sports injury or an accident, but whatever the reason for your symptoms, massage is a well proven therapy. Now you can rely on electric back massagers to relieve your back pain.

Massage pads
If you need to sooth away pain in your upper or lower back or shoulders, massage can be really helpful, but of course most people do not have access to a masseur whenever they need pain relief. An electric massage pad can provide an easy way of massaging the affected areas and relieving your pain. The pad is placed under the affected area and turned on to provide gentle relief. As with most forms of massage, it is non-invasive and very safe. For lower back pain or coccyx problems you can sit on the massage pad, or for problems with your upper back or shoulders it can be placed against the back of a chair which you then rest against. Unlike a massage given by a person, there will never be any discomfort because you have total control of the process. Another advantage of massage pads is that they are easily portable, so you can take them away with you wherever you go and, of course, once you own one it can be available within minutes, anytime you need it.



Hand held massagers
If you are aware of particular joints or muscles that are causing you pain or other problems, you may find that a hand held massager can be used for pain relief. Electric hand held massagers usually have different sized cup attachments that fit over the various areas to be treated, such as knees, elbows and other joints as well as the basic massage unit for other areas of the body. Wherever you experience pain, a hand held massager can be used. Hand held massagers are easy to use to massage painful areas without aggravating injured joints or muscles. An electric back massager can be either in the form of a massage pad or a hand held unit.


Riser recliner chairs
An electric back massager can even be incorporated in a riser recliner chair. For people who suffer from chronic back pain, a massage chair can provide gentle massage to improve circulation by stimulating muscles. Many common aches and pains can be avoided by the use of a massage chair and people who need a little assistance in standing will definitely benefit from a riser recliner chair.

Massage Therapy Cyclopad Controller
Whatever problems you have with back pain or injury, a massage pad or other electric back massager can provide welcome relief whenever you need it. Athletes who are susceptible to sports injuries will find one of these devices invaluable for quick treatment of any problems that arise. Rather than having to wait for an appointment with a masseur, a massage pad is very convenient to use immediately whenever and wherever you need it.


A qualified sports physiotherapist, Shannon Murray writes regularly on health issues for a range of lifestyle websites and blogs. She has written articles onĀ Easy to use electric back massager. Maria John has worked with a variety of athletes in preparation for competitions and believes that pain relief is a key requirement for success.

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