Pros and cons of liposuction

February 17, 2016


Consultation before undertaking any surgery is essential. More-over if it’s a Cosmetic Surgery like liposuction, it is more than important to analyze the decision with all its negative and positive outcomes and then take the final call. Before proceeding to the topic, let us give you an idea about Liposuction.

Liposuction is a kind of plastic surgery where the fat located between the muscle and the skin is extracted by a metal like rod called Cannula stuck to a vacuum to help the suction. The sole intention is to give your body the desired shape that you always wanted to have. For best results, it is advisable that the right candidate to undergo this operation must have a tight and an elastic body skin, a little more than the average fat, and lastly should be having a good health status.

Like most cosmetic surgeries, the recovery period of Liposuction can be longer than usual. Despite a successful operation, it is of high importance to follow precautions after the surgery, failing to which can result in side effects and an extended time span to recover.

The below given list includes pros and cons of Liposuction that a person undertaking this operation must be aware of:


  1. Although the surgery removes fats from different body parts, however it not the ideal surgery for loosing body weight as more than 50 pounds of fat removal may involve a few health risks
  2. The movement of Cannula can lead to burning of skin due to friction, often leading to bruises and infections, especially if the undertaker has been using anti-inflammatory medications. There might be a possibility of infections that can occur as a side effect post operation
  3. For severe cases, Liposuction may cause the fat to move into the lungs preventing the air passage in lungs.
  4. The swelling after operation which is a natural side effect of the operation, might take a maximum of 6 months to heal depending on the number of areas where the surgery is done.
  5. For the Tumescent method, too much saline or lidocaine might be applied in the treatment. If the concentration is more than the concentration already present in the body, Lidocaine poisoning may occur. This may lead to unconsciousness or for rare cases even cardiac arrest.

Although complications exist, but with proper precuaions and following the strict recovery guidelines, one may get the desired results .Let us read on to know a few good things about Liposuction


  1. Liposuction gives the perfect body that one aspires to have and is one of the most common kind of plastic surgeries prevalent in recent times
  2. Generally after gaining weight each fat cell larges with size, however with Liposuction one can achieve a reduction in the quantities of fat cells in those areas.
  3. Changes in contours can last for a long time by following the right diet and right amount of exercises.
  4. After 2 -3 days of a Liposuction surgery, one can do light desk work.
  5. For obese people, many a times, accompanied diseases like blood pressure, sleep apnea and joint pain can be easily removed with a Liposuction surgery.
  6. Lastly, Liposuction revives your confidence as you can now have the classic wardrobe that you always wanted to have.

The most important thing before taking up this operation is finding the right set up and expert of Liposuction. Experienced centers like Sono Bello have expert Physician/Cosmetic surgery Practitioner which is very important to get correct guidance, treatment as well as post surgery care.

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