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January 30, 2014



The increase in the number of drug tests is proportional to the increase in the number of drug addicts. There are plenty of tests are undertaken these days, but the most common one is for weed or marijuana. From the legal bodies to the companies offering jobs, every institution is looking for drug tests for people associated with them. If you have been asked to take one and you fear about passing the test because you were on weed, take help from some of the tips mentioned below.

  1. Start water therapy a month or more in advance: Taking too much of water in a day is well known to be associated with flushing of the toxins, and this can be good for your drug test too. Water can reduce the amount of metabolites in the urine, and thereby help in creating fake results. One has to keep in mind that such a thing is only possible in certain conditions.  If you start drinking too much water a day ahead of the test, you will get clear urine sample, which is obviously not normal. The labs may find the trick and ask you for another test. Moral of the story: Start water therapy as early as you can before the test.
  2. Look for sample urine of the synthetic family: With millions of people across the world taking drug tests, many companies are making profits out of the same with production of synthetic urine. These are artificially produced urine sample that are same as natural urine but only sans the drug effects. Such urine samples can be used to replace you own urine, and the results will be in your favor, provided you are not caught. Moral of the story: Make sure you use a proven artificial urine sample and replace it with care.
  3. Look for someone else’s urine: Well, this is a proven trick, but can work only when you have a person who is confident enough to have never been on weed of drugs. All you need to do is use the sample of another persona and pass the drug test. If you are doubtful of the replacement sample, just get it tested in another lab and find the results. Moral of the story: Look for people who are sure of their urine samples and drugging details.
  4. Look for detox kits: Getting rid of the toxins in the body is easy with detox kits that are available in the market exclusively for the purpose. While buying such kits, you need to make sure that you invest in the most expensive one that is proven and well known. Such kits are enormously helpful in getting rid of the toxins of the body and passing the basic drug tests. Moral of the story: Always find the most expensive detox kits in the market for the maximum benefit

On the final note, it is important to mention that don’t look for masking the sample with OTC chemicals that were earlier effective in hiding THC, thanks to the presence of nitrates Rather than help you pass drug test, such chemicals can invite additional troubles because there are frequently tested for, read more here.

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