Never Go a Day Without These Essential Items

September 19, 2014


bulkPicture your typical pre-work morning: Stumbling about in a half-sleeping daze, mindlessly going through the same old routine when, suddenly, you hit a roadblock. Your cupboards are bare of toothpaste, and the garlic butter sauce from last night’s seafood dinner is still broadcasting from your mouth. You need to go to work, but you can’t walk through the front door in this condition. You have a choice: go get toothpaste and be late for work or show up on time and embarrass yourself.

It’s a no-win situation for anybody, and it’s one that’s entirely preventable. Stocking up on certain household essentials isn’t hard to do, especially when you can buy them in bulk. With that in mind, here are five household items you’re better off buying en masse.


Some hygiene routines are easier to bypass for a day than others. Brushing your teeth is not one of them. Bad breath and dirty teeth could be devastating at work, particularly if you interact with other employees or clients on a regular basis. Stock up on toothpaste and don’t leave home without brushing your teeth—it’s not worth abandoning to catch the bus if you’ll offend people at every encounter.

Toilet paper

Toilet paper is a constantly consumed good. It’s not something you can cut corners with, so your best bet is to buy in bulk and reel in the savings. Allocate enough storage space so you can easily load up on dozens of rolls in a single transaction and save money.


You typically don’t check your stock of detergent until you need it. But when laundry day arrives and your supply is empty, it’s a huge inconvenience to have to go out and stock up. Make cleaning easier and less problematic by investing in bulk detergent.

Trash bags

Trash is inevitable, and taking it out regularly will keep your home clean and smelling good. Keep trash bags on hand to save yourself from being forced to put garbage in an unbagged trash receptacle. By purchasing in bulk, you can buy the high-end, name-brand trash bags at the same per-package price of a single package of the cheapest bags.

Facial tissues

Sneezes are unpredictable. So is illness. In both cases, facial tissues will be your best friend. Facial tissues can be costly when purchased by the box, so by investing in bulk packages, you can save a ton and put yourself at ease when you come down with something.

By stocking up on bulk items and storing them away until they’re needed, you reduce your risk of running out of certain goods and creating a frustrating situation. Given the financial incentives, it’s no wonder buying goods in bulk has caught on with consumers. When it comes to commonly used products, you’re best off if you recognize you’ll eventually use what you buy, making bulk purchasing a no-brainer.


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