List of foods to avoid acne

April 12, 2014


There are several ways to prevent acne and eating a healthy diet is one of the most important. So today we bring you a list of foods to avoid acne. Keep skin hydrated and consume natural sources rich in vitamin A are part of the requirements for healthy skin. Let us see some of these foods to prevent acne you can include in your daily diet.


Salmon is a source of Omega-3 fatty acids and proteins, which is doubly beneficial. For one, the Omega-3 helps the skin stay hydrated. On the other, their high protein content is effective to prevent becoming less testosterone dihydrotestosterone, which is associated with the production of acne.

Sweet potato

The sweet potato is one of the foods you should include in a diet to prevent acne. This is a food rich in vitamin A, which helps detoxify the body, releasing toxins, and significantly improve skin health.


In a list of foods to avoid acne, you should include foods rich in zinc. In this case, oysters characterize by the high content of the mineral, since half portion contributes 100% of the daily requirement of zinc. This mineral is essential for the absorption of vitamin A, which as stated above is beneficial to skin health.


It was time for green leafy vegetables. In this case, we find that the kale is rich in vitamins A, C and K, all essential for healthy skin. In addition to incorporating this vegetable to your diet to fight acne, it is good to prevent wrinkles and damage caused by age.


Keeping the body well hydrated is essential for healthy skin. Therefore, watermelon is essential, since over 90% of its weight is water. It is also a source of vitamin A, B and C, and helps prevent skin damage.


Milk products

The daily breakfast, healthy and balanced requires low-fat dairy products. In this regard, it is essential to include probiotics in your diet. For this, we recommend consuming low-fat yogurt with probiotics and kefir. Both help good digestion, eliminating toxins, which in turn ensures a much healthier skin.


The nuts are rich in linoleic acid and selenium. Both are fundamental to the moistening of the skin. In turn, selenium is a powerful antioxidant, which eliminates free radicals and improves the resistance of the skin.

Plain chocolate

To prevent acne is essential to avoid the high sugar or carbohydrate in the diet. If you want to satisfy your need for sweets, we recommend consuming black or bitter chocolate with a higher cocoa content and rich in antioxidants. Irresistible.

Apart from all these foods to prevent acne, you should drink plenty of water and avoid junk food. Throw in a proper facial cleansing it, and you’ll have even more ways to prevent acne of the face.

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