Laser Eye Surgery vs Glasses

November 29, 2014


Its difficult to decide which options are best for you when it comes to important health issues like eyesight. Some people will prefer to wear glasses, but others, who need to wear glasses all the time, might want to opt for the surgery. Research and information is always a must, as all eyes are different. Here, the pros and cons of both will be highlighted, allowing you to make an informed decision.

The cost of laser eye surgery, when using a reputable company like Ultralase, can sometimes deter people. However, it is a long term treatment that needs to be done properly, so even when you feel you may have found a bargain treatment elsewhere, consider how and why they do it so cheaply. You are putting them in charge of one of the most important senses, which is a huge responsibility.

Every year, around 100,000 people undergo surgery on their eyes, either because they find glasses inconvenient, aesthetically displeasing, or are keen on sports. Although the treatment is permanent, your vision continues to alter as you age and you will probably still need reading glasses in later life.

While glasses can correct astigmatism, eye surgery can now also do this too, as well as treating a whole host of other conditions. During a survey, people in this same dilemma said the reason they chose eye surgery was because they could never find glasses when they needed them, or they were damaged or broken easily.

Glasses can also prove annoying when they steam up from a sudden change in surrounding temperature.

Glasses can however be used by people of all ages, from toddlers right through to the elderly, whereas laser eye surgery is suitable for those age 18 years upwards.

Side effects can sometimes occur after having the surgery, but you shouldn’t be deterred by these. The majority of these issues are temporary and non-severe, such as occasional blurriness, dizziness or headaches, which all subside or can be corrected by the surgeon. After doing some thorough research, you may find that laser eye treatment is the answer to your prayers!

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