A missing tooth, especially if it is on the frontal part of your mouth, can cause immense inconvenience and shame for you to last a lifetime. However, things are much more updated than they used to be in the yesteryears. These days, people with single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth, choose to go for dental implants that allow them to smile graciously for the rest of their lives. Cosmetic dentistry has evolved a lot to create a perfect replacement for your missing tooth that can be fitted perfectly after setting up a dental implant. Before you go ahead and take the plunge of contacting a cosmetic dentist in London and get dental implants, here are few things you need to know.


What are dental implants?

Dental implants are metal frames or posts, which are placed into the jawbone just beneath the gums, surgically. After proper placement of these implants, your dentist can set new teeth onto them. These implants provide strong and consistent support to the artificial teeth, as these get fused into your jawbones. This is an effective and durable way to replace your front tooth in the most aesthetic manner possible. By the end of this process, you would be able to move out of the dentist’s chamber with an artificial tooth that cannot be identified to be so.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

The most obvious benefit is acquiring a beautiful natural smile. Moving beyond this evident reason, some major benefits that dental implants result in are smoothness in speaking and eating. Dental implants are more long lasting and comfortable in comparison to crowns and dentures, and do not result in gagging, sore spots or poor ridges. Moreover, dental implants do not require preparing or grounding down of adjacent tooth or teeth. Thus, the teeth that are fine continue to remain so and you get healthy gums and stable artificial tooth with cosmetic implants.

What are the things to be considered with regard to dental implants?

Before you go for placing an implant onto your gums, you need to consider some points to know whether you are a good candidate for the implant or not. Primarily, you need to have sufficient bone in your jaw to allow the implant to be placed. This is because the titanium screw would be fixed permanently into your jawbone before the final crown is attached. Secondly, you must be free of any periodontal disease. This treatment is not generally given to people, who are regular smokers, who suffer from uncontrolled diabetes, who take medicines for autoimmune diseases and who take radiation therapy for head and neck region. Finally, apart from clinical reasons, the cost of undergoing such treatment must be also considered as these are bit higher priced that dentures or crown.

When you meet all the criteria mentioned above, you should go to a cosmetic dentist London based, after asking for referrals from family, friends and former patients. Choosing your dentist carefully, can help you in gaining confidence about the procedure you are going to take. Depending on your condition and requirement, a dentist would give you the option to choose between endosteal implants and subperiosteal implants. Following which, you have to follow the proper guidelines laid out by your dentist to take care of the implants. Thus, you can now get rid of the embarrassment you faced due to your missing front tooth, with effective dental implants.

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Belinda Wellington has suffered from front tooth loss. With the help of skilled Cosmetic Dentist London based, she has successfully got dental implants in the frontal part of her mouth and regained her self-confidence.

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